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Have I told you how much I appreciate you? You’re such a good human. And I’m so happy that we are on this rock at the same time and got to be in each other’s lives. You have truly made my life better in so many ways beyond the work we do together. You are kind. You are generous.”

Mark G.


If you travel a lot, use Lary Neron. He’s my guy – keeps me on schedule, full service, incredible value!!!! (He’s) Ground Control – Airlines trying to mess with my flow, but Lary Neron keeping them on notice. You need Lary Neron in your life. Hit him up.”

Dan M.


By the way – I am thankful for you. Someday I’ll take a moment to tell you about the presence you have lent to my life. It’s been important and I’m lucky to have you as my literal wingman.”

Kelsey R.


“We do annual gatherings all over North America… Our event is a high-touch experience… To be able to support people with their flights was beneficial on multiple levels… Lary was an extension of our team… Made us look good on so many levels….Working with him was ultimately priceless… If you are an event producer or if you facilitate retreats…working with him is an absolute no-brainer.”

Jayson G.


“If you haven’t booked your flight for MMT Cabo, we’ve decided to partner with Lary Neron – one of the best flight booking specialists in the business. For context, I originally booked my flight through Air Canada a few weeks ago. After a quick search, Lary was able to find me a better flight path through a different airline, for cheaper AND in business class (vs the economy that I initially booked). Needless to say, I canceled my original flight booking and vowed to not touch travel sites again. Lary already works with many MMTer’s on retainer but as a special perk… We’ve decided to partner with him so that he can support you with your flight booking for MMT Cabo.

If you would like to take advantage of his services (on us), email Lary Neron – expert@airfareconsultant.com. 

Looking forward to Cabo!! Thanks for the connection to Lary – I’m bringing the whole family (3 kids and April) to Cabo, and he took care of the tickets super fast, found something cheaper than I could and even applied for rewards points for us and the kids to boot. AMAZING service!!!

Literally, everyone I know who has used him has had a glowing experience.

Lary Neron – Thank you for taking care of everyone!!”

Jayson G.


“I’m the founder and chief explorer of Wayfinders… I host entrepreneurs on spectacular journeys around the world… It was such a good feeling knowing Lary was in my corner if things ever went awry… It’s an incredible service and the level of service is unparalleled, up there with the top 3 people I’ve ever done business with, and that’s across any industry. Thank you Lary for all that you do.”

Mike B.


I really appreciate you, genuinely from the bottom of my heart, I am so thankful for you. And I just really appreciate you having the ability to manipulate and do all these things, it’s priceless for me. I think you’re amazing at your job so thank you so much for your support.”



Hey Guys! Good morning! Bright and sunny today from X Island. I just want to say thank you for making the trip so seamless. I got back last night and thought to myself, Lary did such an amazing job curating that whole trip. You made it super easy, everything ran like military time. It was awesome and I just wanted to say thank you. It means a lot to me and it makes everything possible. It makes my life so easy, and I’m super grateful to have you on the same team and have help from you. I just wanted to say thank you, it was awesome. Looking forward to many more exciting adventures!”

Peter S.


Dude, I’m so grateful for you right now. I’m on the spot here by the customer service and the line is insanely long, and they just announced that the flight is canceled, that’s why the line 

But they can’t rebook people and that there are no hotels because of the formula one weekend. So yay fingers crossed for my flight and thank god for you, you’re absolutely right we completely dodged a bullet. Thank you so much buddy.”

Calvin C.


“I felt incredibly looked after, he was super responsive, he guided us through the options, in fact, saved us a tonne of money…  I highly, highly recommend Lary for his professionalism, his attention to detail, his responsiveness… He is the best I’ve ever encountered and I’ve travelled extensively for the past 20 years.”

Derren S.


Huge challenges attempting to travel during COVID, ranging from available routes to flights changing on the fly! Never used a travel concierge before, usually booked my own. Wasn’t sure the value and the effectiveness of what Lary was offering would be worth the cost. Felt extremely well taken care of! The clarity of the real time information as things changed and knowing that Lary and his team were side by side with me the entire way through was comforting and provided an immense peace of mind during the uncertainties. Each country having its own restrictions and parameters re COVID protocols posed a big potential hurdle, however the clarity and preparation was translated perfectly throughout the journey. Luggage did not make a connection, Lary was all over it – confirming its arrival on the following flight. Felt at ease throughout the entire travel experience regardless of the challenges being faced. 

Biggest benefit was being able to use the travel time for myself, knowing that all was taken care of regardless of the issues as they presented along the way. Bookings were done to perfection securing the type of seat and level I requested. Lary was available and prompt with his replies regardless of the time of day/night. Services provided way exceeded the minimal cost!! Will definitely be using Lary for upcoming travel!! Give Lary and team a go, a trial run of sorts. The time and energy you conserve on your trip pays back the cost of the service in multiples. Will be hard to go back to anything else… :)”

Daniel W.


Lary is on another level. I was skeptical that I’d get much, and was pleasantly surprised when he over-delivered and showed me a completely different way to travel. I walked through the airports and covid testing procedures feeling bulletproof and completely stress free. This allowed me to sink in, be present, and enjoy travel in a way I’d never experienced. What a gift. 

I hate booking flights, planning for covid timelines, understanding which layovers are possible and which aren’t, not to mention getting good prices and clear routing. I hate worrying about changes, etc and all that’s off the table now. 

I wasn’t sure what additional value he’d bring. I wasn’t sure what time I’d actually save, or how involved he’d be. Basically, I was skeptical that the value there was having worked with assistants and corporate travel agents before I wasn’t sure how this would be different. 

I felt bulletproof in the airport and the covid screening centres. So supported and relaxed, able to be present and enjoy my book, my wine, and the journey knowing that I was completely logistical supported. It felt like being on autopilot in the best possible way. 

Last minute concerns nullified – e.g entry requirements for covid, time to arrive at the airport (the real time…not airlines time), where to go during my connections.

Essentially peace of mind and ability to forget about travel logistics and focus on the journey I was taking. If you’re on the fence I would invite you to just try it. I’d be surprised if you weren’t surprised with the value!

Alan S.


A trip to Greenland during a pandemic is nearly impossible to do on your own. Luckily, I didn’t have to. Lary to the rescue! I trusted Mike’s suggestion to use you.

It made the process simple, fast, and painless. Best decision I made with the trip and travel. It was very comforting to know where my plane was, even before it got to my airport. I knew someone was watching all the details, so I could just enjoy the travel and airport lounge, without worry.

I received the service I expected and more.  Lary told me everything I needed to know and more. If you are taking an international trip that requires some planning, definitely just pay Lary to handle the details.  It is more than worth the money to put your mind at ease and leave the details to someone else.

Jason W.


“If you are an avid traveller like myself, this is basically your insurance policy on your travel to ensure that you are able to go on your event… If you’re on the fence, don’t be.”

Roy M.


Hey my name is Floyd and Lary did an incredible job booking flights to Europe during COVID, an extraordinary amount of change and complexity… Really like working with Lary – totally, anytime.

Floyd M.


If you want to fly friction-free, flawlessly without stress then Lary Neron is the uncontested King of the art. He has always delivered more than could have ever been expected, service with a smile. Can’t recommend Lary enough.”

Jeff S.


Thanks Lary. It’s so valuable having you on my team, I deeply appreciate it! Given all the logistics and regulations and potential surprises of traveling, I’m thinking that I really need to have all of my guests using your services.

Mike B.


“I’m an entrepreneur and travel quite a bit, and I am so thankful that Lary was introduced to me… Can’t put a price on peace of mind…Best money I’ve invested.”

Tony R.


Reached out tonight and got a response back in minutes!! Super awesome!



“[PRAISE] Lary Neron has been awesome to work with for booking the flight. “



Lary – thank you! Amazing experience working with you.



Airfare Consultant Client Testimonial Reel


“[Praise] – working with Lary Neron has been a dream for this trip. He is Johnny on the spot with gate changes, lounge locations, maps of the airport and anything else I didn’t think of. #epic”



“Lary is literally the best. He’s currently on the case of booking the whole team as well as my Mom for Cabo.”



Lary just booked my flight for MMT – awesome guy and amazing response!” 

“I’m en route and experience the same love! Lary is truly amazing.”