Private flight experience with commercial flights.

Unmatched experience for entrepreneurs. We redefined what it means to fly commercial airlines. You will enjoy a stress-free and seamless air travel experience with your favorite airline thanks to our concierge service.


We fly virtually with you.

We are a company that provides concierge services with deep knowledge in airfares. Our clients refer to us as “ground control”, and we are known as airline geeks. Our service has been described as “Peace of Mind as a service”. While we don’t claim to be experts on all things travel, we can say that we specialize in air travel.

Lary, our lead geek, learned his trade while working at Canada’s second largest airline, WestJet Airlines. As part of the Revenue and Pricing Team, he managed the largest portfolio with routes totalling $785 million annually. He gained a solid understanding and technical skill of revenue management and pricing strategies that has tremendous benefits for all of our clients

This unique experience is possible because of our extensive airline knowledge and our personal concierge service. It rivals private flying.

We redefined what it means to fly on commercial airlines.

Let us show you how we can simplify your flying experience.


Fly with a smile!

Unbiased Recommendations

Custom flight itinerary crafted by an expert.

We work for you.

Highly Personalized

Itinerary tailored to your specific preferences.

We learn from you.

High Touch Service

Concierges keep you on track, up to date and anticipate potential problems.

We virtually fly with you.

Peace of Mind

Arrive at destination rested & ready.

We got your back.


Upgrade your flying experience

Full Air Management Program

Concierge Service for founders, entrepreneur.

Full commitment / Full service

Club Membership

Exclusive membership for air travelers.

Asynchronous Air Consulting

Support for travel advisors, virtual assistants & executive assistants.

Lary’s brain on tap.


Let us fly with you. Say Hello!

Being away from your family and the office doesn’t have to be a drag, let us turn the process into a seamless door-to-door experience.